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Most useful languages to learn for 2018

As one of the only nanny agencies in the UK to specialise in bilingual childcare, we thought we’d start the year by reviewing some of the most useful languages for your child (or anyone else, for that matter!) to learn in 2018. In first place, it has to be Mandarin.... read more

New bilingual Mandarin-English school opens in London

For many years Mandarin Chinese has been touted as the language of the future, the key to business success in the years to come. Indeed, many independent schools already teach Mandarin to GCSE and A level. There is no doubt that knowledge of this language is a huge... read more

Learning new languages easier for bilinguals

This month, new research from Georgetown University indicates that there might be some truth to the idea that bilingual students will find language learning easier, as they get older. The idea that early bilingualism helps with learning languages later in life, is... read more

Learning a language improves ability in other school subjects

While it is obvious that the ability to speak a second language can be of immense benefit personally and professionally throughout ones life, academics have also found that the process of learning another language may have a significant effect on a child’s overall... read more

Early exposure to other languages helps brain development

It may seem like a statement of the obvious, but it’s good to be able to confirm what we already suspected: Challenging young children to do things they might not seem ready for (eg learning a new language!), is definitely the best approach, according to a new study... read more

Bilingual people’s brains function better in old age

New research would appear to show, what experts have suspected for a long time; that bilingual or monolingual individuals have brains which function more efficiently and more economically, a benefit which grows over time. Years of bilingualism seems to mean that the... read more

Does Mandarin make you more musical?

This month researchers at the University of California have published a study which seems to suggest that Mandarin Chinese makes you more musical. The paper in Developmental Science (January 2017) reported that in experiments, a group of pre-school children whose... read more