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As one of the only nanny agencies in the UK to specialise in bilingual childcare, we thought we’d start the year by reviewing some of the most useful languages for your child (or anyone else, for that matter!) to learn in 2018.
In first place, it has to be Mandarin. Already the most spoken language in the world, it is the second most used language on the internet. By the end of 2018, China is expected to be the world’s largest digital economy. It’s a challenging language to learn, which is why early exposure to it is the key, prompting more and more schools to offer it in their curriculum.
Next, it’s Spanish. It’s the third most widely used language on the internet and the good news it that it is relatively easy for English speakers to learn. It offers the key to growth markets in Latin America, such as Chile and Argentina, as well as opening the door to a wealth of culture. Additionally, it can be seen as a stepping stone to other Romance languages such as French, Italian and Portuguese.
German may have lost popularity in British schools, but it is still incredibly useful in the world of business. Germany is the largest economy in the EU and is also the UK’s most important trading partner. One should also not forget the importance of Luxembourg, Switzerland and Austria. German-speaking countries have traditionally been at the forefront of science, technology and industry, and there are a wealth of well paid German-speaking jobs available in Anglophone countries.
Finally, we have to mention Russian. The incredible tradition of the arts and culture in Russian society cannot be underestimated and would make it my personal favourite! It is classified as moderately difficult for English speakers to learn but with Russia’s economy predicted to overtake Germany’s by 2030 and the potential it offers for trade and diplomacy, it would be a very sensible choice!